Everything is changing.

The current digital landscape is a world rich in both challenge and potential for CMOs, who are now more measurable than ever. 

Marketo, in partnership with ADMA surveyed 444 marketers — across Australia — to understand what organisational goals drive their thinking, how well they are delivering on these goals and their propensity to measure activity against revenue.

We also took a deep-dive into the numbers with more than a dozen CMOs and C-suite executives to understand how marketing is perceived at leadership level inside companies — and how the work they do today frames, shapes and drives the personal goals of marketing leaders in Australia.

Key areas discussed in the report: 

  1. Top organisational goals
  2. How marketers are reporting on revenue
  3. The perception of the marketing profession amongst peers
  4. The technology available to Australian marketers
  5. Key insights from more than a dozen CMOs 

Download the full report, 'Can You Demonstrate the Value of Marketing?' to find out how your marketing organisation compares

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