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In this episode..

Mitchell Mackey, Marketing Director, Ansell, shares his marketing success story..

  • Meet the Marketer - who is Mitchell, Marketing Director, Ansell?

  • Ansell – a remarkable company – what markets do they focus on?

  • What challenges did the Mitchell face when he first joined?

  • The marketing transformation process at Ansell – what was the trigger?

  • What was the marketing transformation business case?

  • The 5 Critical KPI’s for the Ansell Marketing Team  ➽MUST WATCH!

  • How technology breeds productivity and sales alignment in the Ansell marketing team

  • How has building the ability to quantify impact changed the way the rest of the business perceived the Ansell marketing team.

  • How important is agility? What role does technology play in enabling

  • How does Ansell bring their online and offline spend together to measure ROI?

  • How Ansell use data to move from channel centric to customer centric execution

  • Move from ‘hope’ marketing, to true customer engagement

  • Advice to marketing professionals trying to evaluate marketing technology

  • The one thing marketers should stop doing right now

  • The one thing marketers should start doing right now

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