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Marketo is proud to announce its fourth class of Marketo Champions. These 25 exceptional customers have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the Marketo Community, are experts in Marketo products, are avid contributors in the social world, and are loyal advocates of the Marketo brand. 

Please help me welcome the following customers in achieving this elite status by commenting or congratulating them in the comments section! Drum roll please...

Introducing the Newest Class of
Marketo Champion Elite.

Meet our Winter 2013 Class! 

Adam Barker
Dexter Hart
Jennifer Clegg
Rhoan Morgan
Ashleigh Davis
Drew Sollberger
Josh Hill
Travis Taylor
Caleb Trecek
Elliott Lowe
Kimi Fowler

Carlie Liang
Eric Hollebone
Leif Espelund

Clinton Gage
Inga Romanoff
Michael Loop
Craig Blackketter
Jason Seeba
Pierce Ujjainwalla

Delinda Tinkey
Jeff Coveney
Rafael Santoni

To view the Summer 2012 class click here.

Would you like to recommend someone to be a Marketo Champion? Find out what we look for and submit to be a Champion here!