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It's NOT just drip email campaigns

Lead nurture builds trusted, long-term relationships with your customers and prospects by holding consistent conversations, full of personal and relevant information.
It helps you gain deeper insights and maximize your demand generation investment: generating over 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost per lead.

Full of checklists, charts, and case studies, the Guide shows you how to:
  • Create a lead nurture strategy
  • Set up the right technology & team
  • Create flexible, adaptive communications at scale and across channels
  • Adapt existing content for different personas
  • Use lead scoring to segment your database
  • Measure & prove nurture's ROI

"The future of lead nurturing is about integrating the channels where your prospects skim and your customers engage. The customer experience needs to span all channels to foster engagement: in-store, mobile, sales, referral, social, & support."

Corrine Sklar, Global CMO, Bluewolf

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