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“The Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring is key to unlocking the revenue performance possibilities at your company..." 

- Steve Gershik, CMO for 28Marketing


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Create success across your marketing and sales teams with lead scoring. This definitive guide, designed for both novice and experienced practitioners, offers advice, best practices and techniques to help you get the most out of every lead that enters your database.

Learn from those that do it best - featuring real case studies from Jigsaw (now, The Pedowitz Group, Qliktech and other cutting-edge companies.

Whether you’re a lead scoring pro or just getting started, these scoring models, tactics, and measurement tips will transform your practices. 

Contents include:

  • The basics in lead scoring including explicit and implicit lead scoring
  • How to get started with examples from Marketo and Marketo customers
  • Advanced strategies including Product Scoring, Account Scoring and Score Decay
  • Lead Lifecycle Management to improve sales and marketing alignment
  • Common Lead Scoring Issues to save you time and prevent you from inaccurate scores
  • The effect Content Marketing and Social Media have on Lead Scoring
  • How to calculate the ROI of Lead Scoring

“The Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring is a practical framework and best practice guideline..." 

- Will Scully-Power, Managing Director for Datarati

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Workbook on Lead Scoring Best Practices