Use Marketo to Manage, Nurture and Measure Leads that are Created from Google AdWords

Marketo Lead Management takes lead tracking to the next level – letting you know why prospects visit your site, which pages they visit, and how often they come back. With Marketo, you can:

  • Track all prospect interactions online, including known and anonymous visitors
  • Identify which companies are hitting your site, even if they don’t fill out forms
  • Automatically alert sales reps of new activity from their prospects
  • Create deeper profiles by tracking online activity, even before prospects register
  • Know the true lead source that caused a prospect to find your website in the first place, such as Google AdWords (not just what caused them to register)

If you are ready to see firsthand how you can generate qualified leads, increase sales effectiveness and improve marketing ROI, register for a free demo of Marketo Lead Management. 

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“We strongly recommend Marketo for anyone looking for an easy to set up, yet powerful suite of marketing automation tools.”
- John Watton, ShipServ

“Organic searches are up, Pay-Per-Click is down, so we're spending less for people to visit us more: that is what I was hoping to achieve with Marketo.”
- Adrienne Kloock, Qualifacts